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—— you are a CRUEL DEITY, a chessmaster, a l o n e l y god subjected to deicide ; you SIN WITH A GRIN and betray with a look that says, but don’t you know? you should never trust a beautiful face. & you remain and always will remain a JUDAS, FATHER of MONSTERS.

What is truly fearsome, is the betrayal that you don’t see.

♔* █: Semi-private && Selective ; Aizen Sōsuke of Bleach: Est. March 2014.
♔* █: Very experienced with both the character && Tumblr roleplaying.
♔* █: Flexible: Script, para && novella friendly.
♔* █: Well-written OC && AU friendly. Loves crossovers, 99% of the blog is crossover.
♔* █: Set post-Deicide in a unique main verse. Enjoys writing meta about the character.
♔* █: Believes in engaging, complex plots. Non ship-centric.
♔* █: Utilizes icons/gif icons, but partners are not required to do so. Utilizes face-claim for live action characters.
♔* █: M+ blog, not for the easily triggered. All triggers are tagged.
♔* █: Skype && Ask always open for plotting/chit-chat.
♔* █: Written by Diya.

❝ Time flowed slowly whilst I was occupied with a side-venture. And how have you fared in my absence, Ulquiorra?

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Thank you for completely misinterpreting everything I said; I’m almost ashamed to say I expected it to be taken like that. Very firstly, I have absolutely nothing against ‘exclusive’ roleplayers who choose to interact with only one representation of other characters, and naturally have my own preferences for particular characters. My issue is when those roleplayers demand that of their partners too. It’s no different to wanting to read a book but the author tells you that if you do, you can’t read any other authors’ books from that genre. I know what I’d read in that case.

I also fail to see how people can’t possibly develop deep relationships between more than one version of a character. I’ve done this myself on multiple occasions and don’t understand why you’re not allowing others the same opportunity.

It’s really quite amusing that you automatically assume that I made a point of it because I want to interact with you (that’s horrifically arrogant). I’ve interacted with you before an it’s not amounted to anything so I’ve moved on. Now that you insist on making people decide ‘you or anyone else’, there’s no chance that I’ll make another attempt at it. That’s one of the first rules that makes me go ‘nope’ when following people.

Now before you go ‘no, I’m not making any demands on my partners or potential partners’, yes you are. Asking exclusivity of them is an ultimatum, and that is absolutely implied on the post you ‘aggressively reblogged’. Not only that, but it puts stress on them and other people’s version of that character (I mean this in a broad sense, not just pertaining to you in particular but everyone who invokes this kind of expectation), and I’ve seen more than a few wonderful roleplayers crack under the anxiety it brings to the whole community.

You say that you want me to respect your views, but I can’t do so when that is the outcome of it all. Nobody is ‘entitled’ to interactions, but nor is it a privilege that can be taken away. It is only an opportunity. Nothing more.

I’m well aware that the likelihood of this altering your perspective is next to none, but this kind of thing needs to stop regardless. It’s putting pressure on the entire group that nobody really needs to deal with on top of their own problems. I’m sorry that you saw it as a personal attack and it was certainly not intended to that effect, but in saying that, I’m disappointed that you took it to the extent you did.

This is my own ‘line in the sand’. 

        outofsmiles. Okay, renchishin, I’ve moved your reply to a new post so this doesn’t drag along other people’s dashes.

        I’m beginning to think that you’re only skimming my posts and not actually reading them. Anyways, moving right along—

        Let me get this straight—you sent me blatant anon hate and now you’re telling me I’ve somehow misinterpreted your intentions? Right. You sent me anon hate for wanting to be more comfortable in the roleplaying community. You sent it, as you just admitted, knowing it would be taken this way. Why? Because it is anon hate. There is absolutely no way that you can turn this so that it’s somehow my fault that you were unable to simply unfollow me and leave me alone as I did my own thing with my blog. So please stop trying to make this some civil matter; it wasn’t the moment you clicked anon and sent that rude ask telling me what I can and can’t do. There is no context, no situation whatsoever, that makes anon hate acceptable. Getting called disgusting for wanting to have in-depth relations with characters and their writers is not acceptable.

        We could have made this a private matter but, of course, you never addressed me privately——so here we are. Because you clicked a button and thought you could tell me what to do with my blog when you can’t. Really, who do you think you are?

        I’m not forcing anyone to do anything. I’m not taking away opportunities, I’m presenting anyone that roleplays with me the chance to delve deep into our character’s relationship and get undivided attention in the matter. I’m offering friendship, heavy plotting, and devotion to my role. Is it truly so appalling to ask for some devotion in return? Another thing you seem to be failing to grasp is that people are allowed to disagree, say no, and unfollow me.However, you also seem to think that I’ve got all my followers by the neck and I’m dragging 645 people down beneath an opera house belting at them all the while that they’re past the point of no return. All because of the word ‘exclusive’ and your inability to properly read my posts.

        I’m not taking prisoners. That is not what exclusivity is about. All I ask is that for the few who intend to interact with actual depth and interest stick to it. If they want to walk away, that’s fine, I won’t lose sleep over it, but I’m in this for the long run and I want to see who else is with me. Those are the people I want to write with, those are the people I want to be friends with. Are you admonishing me for wanting to have a couple of friends to roleplay with? No, admonish isn’t the right word. Because you sent anon hate. You disappointed me.

        I remember you approaching me in my ask a while ago, too. You seemed very interested in exploring the relationship between Gin and Byakuya as captains, since they both gained the rank around the same time. I returned the interest and then never got any sort of sign from you that you wanted to initiate our thoughts into actions. So what’s any of this have to do with you? You decided long before this that I wasn’t worth your time, so why are you wasting it now? Why are you trying to regulate what I do with my blog? Why put the effort into telling me I’m not allowed to be more secluded with my interactions?

        Again, you must have only skimmed my post. I clarified again and again that I have nothing against other Gin roleplayers. I disagree with some interpretations but that’s the extent of it, as I’m sure people disagree with mine. I’m not making this a competition. I’m not putting others down or lifting myself up, I’m not trying to make this some big dealyou’re the one that did that.

        Bottom line is you’re failing to grasp this correctly. People are allowed to say no, I’m not forcing anyone to do anything. I just want to see who says “yes, I’ll be exclusive with you”. It’s not a law that everyone must abide by. It isn’t some sudden and abrupt change to my blog, either. I’ve already been doing this for a long time without telling anyone about it—so you’re a little late with this campaign-against-comfort. Again, again, and again, I’ll repeat; people are fully capable of turning me and my terms down. I don’t even have that many threads with others to begin with so this really isn’t putting a strain on anyof my current roleplay partners or the community as a whole. I’m not popular. The people on my relationships page have accepted my terms and I’ve never been happier. Fortunately, you haven’t altered my perspective at all. Unfortunately, you’ve attacked it.

        Do not try to reshape this. This was a personal attack as well as an attack on all the friends and people I admire and look up to who all identify as exclusive roleplay blogs. You are telling people that they shouldn’t do something (that is more often than not for their wellbeing) when you have absolutely no right to tell them such. I never asked for your approval and I don’t need it to continue pursuing my own comfort.

        I will no longer acknowledge your replies on this matter and you have been added to blogs to avoid for sending me anonymous hate.

        Now, please go drink some water, have a good snack, watch your favorite movie, and drop this like it’s on fire because it is ridiculous that I have to justify myself to you.

To think I’d naught but respect for you in the past, renchishin, for your somewhat decent portrayal of a character I enjoyed. But you quickly dashed any good opinion I had of your person with this, frankly, pathetic and biased opinion, one that quickly morphed into an unwarranted attack against a roleplayer who caused you absolutely no harm, and was minding their own business. 

While I have not asserted my own exclusivity as per this Aizen blog’s terms, my main and far more popular blog does — and thus far, not a single person has complained. Why? This “exclusivity” fad, rule, whatever you may call it, is common sense to many and has existed for MANY years, but never had a term associated with it. Individuals will always click with certain interpretations of characters better than others, and people have every right to seek them as mains with mutual consent. Yes, mutual consent! None of this is being forced, as Ichi just stated prior. It is a choice. In my eyes, if I sense a well-written roleplay, a writer with whom I click out of character? I will seek them as my main and exclusive partner. 

You have absolutely no right to invade roleplayers’ asks and turn their roleplaying experience into one that bothers them and causes them to stay away from their dashboards. Unlike what you claimed, it is actually things like these that turn off many roleplayers from their respective communities. Having been here for many years across many blogs, I have seen it time and time again. And I will NOT allow for you to harass and invade my friends’ privacy. They run their blogs as they please, and you will respect that.

In regard to the matter of duplicates, truly? Are you serious? Do you expect any of us to believe that in such a vast roleplaying community as Bleach, that people will leave any and all duplicates and write with just the one? And EVEN if they do, that is THEIR choice and NOT yours. You are NO ONE to make choices for others. Your brain is yours and theirs theirs. I’m fairly certain that none of the duplicates are as worked up about this as you are, as I’m followed by a number of Gins in question and they all seem to have found their respective niches.

You are NO ONE to speak for this community. You have dug your own grave by attacking someone who was going about their own business. If you were turned off by the exclusivity, very well — you could have been mature and gone your own way, but you didn’t. The entire community has now witnessed how much of an ass you are, and they won’t forget it.

This has been a message from your not-so-friendly neighborhood Aizen. Touch my friends one more time and I will make sure your life becomes hell.

And this is no threat ; it’s a promise. 

ichimarboo bowed: "I'm real disappointed in ya, cap'n, y'didn't get me a single present fo' my birthday. Tsk, tsk~!"

❝ Your present has already been bestowed upon you, Gin — you see, you have been granted another day to live as a bonus, any personal slip-ups notwithstanding. 

ichimarboo bowed: I may have spiked your tea.

❝ may have spiked your significant other. And by that, I mean I impaled her. Through the chest. 

ichimarboo bowed: Asshole alert tho.


❝ Ah, but surely your favorite, Gin. 

— exogenesis.



        “…My loyalty, eh? Have I done somethin’ wrong, cap’n?”

        His smile faltered—and while this act was in many ways rare, it was not so startling a gesture to invoke a drastic reaction. Gin’s smile was more often marred downwards when compared to the amount of times his sharpened gaze fully took in the light of day. His shoulders straightened.

        The question that sat upon his lips did not leave the air around him even as the rising tension of this supposed offer he couldn’t refuse raised its head between them both. The scales along Gin’s skin swelled, shuddered, then dissipated in an act of adaptation. An offer he couldn’t refuse? The stone that fell into his stomach told him of a challenge; had Aizen lost all further interest in him? Was he being tested due to the fact that his uses were dried up and this fleeting amusement was all he could offer now? How unfortunate. Shinso hissed at his hip; should the other try anything in an attempt to ‘dispose’ of him (as he so often did to subordinates that lost their value) …would Gin survive it?

        At this point——the outcome was indeterminable. Believing that he could take Aizen’s blade without fail would be an arrogant and foolish notion. This man had a knack for the cloak and dagger approach to subduing enemies and securing allies, so Gin knew to tread lightly.

        He could only wait for this unavoidable blow to be administered with slight apprehension.


You were born to be CORRUPTED at my hands. Just like all the rest who fell before me, you stand still — but hollow, so hollow, Gin, I wonder…just what will it take to finally b r e a k you?

Is it her?

I know what you did wrong.

And how the silveret shivered, a devotee to the cruel despot ‘til the end of time itself, hackles raised like a dog at his master’s heels. Nay, the other was useful yet, or the false God would have torn him apart so very long ago ( when his right-hand man was not yet a man, but a boy with the innocence of youth& yet did Ichimaru Gin always possess a darkness that had been waiting to be kindled, uplifted in order to paint his soul entire. ) Aizen would see that day soon, but an inch of purity remained still in the younger’s heart: an inch dedicated to the vivacious temptress that he had fallen ill to ( ILL ILL ILL, LOVE IS A SICKNESS, LUST IS A WEAKNESS! ) And therefore, his mind dictated that the next piece of the puzzle would come in the form of that woman, here to this place of grey NOTHINGNESS [ despair of his heart Hueco Mundo. 

“No no, Gin, but you must understand… a single doubt does not bode well with me. And therefore, I have decided to offer you a gift.”

Bring the Gotei wench here to satisfy your weakness and seal the cracks. Bring her here to banish your impending desire to rebel against my authority, bring her here to remind you that as easily as I can reward you? I can take everything away.

What a vile ruler he was indeed, but oh, how he delighted in it. 

“What if…I were to bring you Matsumoto Rangiku?”

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